Virtual Team Building – The Catalyst for Discovery, Diversity and Inspiring Culture

Virtual Team Building – The Catalyst for Discovery, Diversity and Inspiring Culture

Virtual Team Building- The Catalyst for Discovery, Diversity and Inspiring Culture

We know that team building plays a significant role in improving workplace morale, encouraging cooperation and collaboration by educating staff in fun, lighthearted ways. However, team building is more than that. It is also a way to encourage people to understand and embrace diversity, for staff to be inquisitive and discover a deeper sense of self and of others. Lastly, team building is a necessity to create an open and inspiring culture that attracts the best and brightest talent and makes your business a highly sought-after place to work.

Generally, team building activities or events would be hosted in person, either in-house or off-site depending on the type of activity you’re hosting. However, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, many traditional businesses are operating differently and for the first time possibly ever, staff are working from home for a prolonged period, rather than working in an office setting. Thankfully, technology has aided this transition – allowing for video calls, emails, live chats and phone calls to continue “business as usual” without a boardroom.

At Satori Consulting, we always emphasize the critical importance of teams in an organization. Each person brings their own knowledge and specialized skills to the table, but if that team doesn’t work well together or are unfamiliar with each other’s strengths, things can break down. In order for everyone to be their best selves while part of a team, the team needs to unify. This is where effective team building comes in.

Since we are in the midst of a prolonged period of self-isolating and working from home, the focus on getting the core work done needs to be significantly shared with a focus on staff well-being and strong team dynamics. The good news is that just like you can Zoom call your team for an update on projects, you can successfully facilitate team building using online tools. Yes, you can host a virtual team building session!

Virtual Team Building Using EverythingDiSC®
MyEverythingDiSC® is a series of assessments and corresponding workshops that cover the understanding of personal styles, EQ, Sales, Leadership and Agility. As a MyEverythingDiSC® Authorized Partner, we use many products in our coaching practice to help increase team dynamics and collaboration, increase trust, shift perspectives, minimize conflict and build inspiring cultures through fun, engaging and interactive sessions. Thankfully, we can still do this, only through virtual team building rather than in-person sessions.

Shifting Practices as we Discover our “New Normal”
Since no one knows when things will return to normal, it’s prudent to get ahead of the curve and start adopting new ways of doing things in the virtual space. Your business’s core values haven’t changed, so it just takes a little innovation to find new ways to unite your team, even when you’re working apart. Your staff work hard and during this time of isolation they are all working harder than ever to stay focused, balance a work-home life (that has collided and become one) and manage without the personal connections that everyone was used to, that they’re now craving more than ever.

Providing training opportunities for your staff to engage differently, have fun, and focus on the softer side of work will reap huge benefits for the core business. Leaders everywhere should be thinking of ways to help teams come together and work more efficiently, while being apart. Book your virtual team building sessions today to continue to develop your inspiring culture through self-discovery, understanding others and embracing and celebrating the diversity within your teams and across your organization. The reality is team building is a Win-Win proposition.

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