Custom Programs for YOUR Business
Transparency, Accountability, Growth
Custom Programs for YOUR Business
Transparency, Accountability, Growth

Corporate Governance Consulting & Development

Bring clarity and laser focus to your Board’s challenges

Good governance is a discipline for providing oversight and making and implementing informed decisions. At Satori Consulting, we understand that the road to good governance is a journey and that no two Boards are ever at the same point in that journey. With this in mind, we customize our programs to your business, ensuring your needs are truly understood and a program is implemented that will optimize long term effectiveness.

If you are seeking help on the topic of governance, you are not alone. Let us help you with your biggest challenges:

  • Blurred lines between strategy and operations
  • Different expectations on the ‘right’ level of information for Board effectiveness
  • Too much time wasted on operational issues or rehashing of old issues

  • Lack of clarity or definition of the role of a Board member
  • Poor communication and/or mistrust
  • Imbalance between the strength of the CEO and the Board
  • Lack of preparedness for meetings
  • Low diversity
  • Board member complacency
  • Rubber stamping of CEO decisions
  • Lack of process for Board operations
  • Board conflict

Hiring a Satori governance consultant can mitigate internal issues and allow your Board to focus on what’s really important…creating an effective system of corporate governance that is focused on increasing your organization’s transparency, accountability, and growth.

The Need For Governance Consulting Has Changed

Due to high profile governance structures that failed in the early 90’s, such as Enron and WorldCom, the world of governance and Board expectations has changed. Today’s Boards, more than ever, face higher demands such as:

  • High regulatory demands and pressures
  • Higher consumer demands
  • Risk management and risk mitigation demands
  • Technological demands
  • Higher expectations and director liability

A governance consultant’s role is to solve problems. This starts with intentional listening, followed by an educated diagnosis. In many cases, the problem identified by the client is not exactly the root of the problem, and therefore, it is up to the governance consultant to redefine the problem, preparing a prescribed solution. This is why it is important to engage with governance consultants who are trained as directors through an accredited school and have had Board experience themselves.

Governance Review Consulting (Policies & Procedures)

Our mandate is to always identify areas that could be improved to strengthen Board governance. Good corporate governance begins with well written and well understood policies and practices. As organizations grow or regulations change, policies and practices should be reviewed to ensure that they are up to date and continue to provide the proper structure. Our governance consultants conduct audits of the entire governance structure, as well as mini audits on specific areas of concern.

Governance consulting with a certified governance consultant can provide significant benefit. Whether it is in the realm of training, coaching, or support, Satori Consulting can help. Contact us today.

Sandi Verrecchia, CEO of Satori Consulting is a Certified Director through the Directors College as well as a Certified Management Consultant and Coach.

Satori Consulting is committed to life-long learning and has chosen to separate itself from the clutter and noise of consulting firms in the market by continually adding certifications that make us experts in the fields in which we consult.

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Let’s Get Started!

Contact us and let’s make change happen

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