Maximize YOUR Board's Potential
Governance Knowledge For Long Term Effectiveness
Maximize YOUR Board's Potential
Governance Knowledge For Long Term Effectiveness

Board Governance Consulting
Custom Solutions For Your Business

At Satori, we understand that the road to good governance is a journey and that no two Boards are ever at the same point in that journey. Being a good Director is not just about showing up. A good director understands his/her obligations, fiduciary responsibility, and his/her ultimate role at the board table. Boards that strive to continually improve their governance work achieve better results.

With this in mind, we customize our programs to your business, ensuring your needs are truly understood. With over 20 years experience, we work internationally with Boards of all sizes from not for profit, to private, to corporate, helping Boards be stronger and more effective. We focus on best practices, board education, individual Director and Board evaluations, and board succession and recruitment. In addition, in support of the Board and CEO relationship, we provide guidance and hands-on support for CEO evaluations.

Think of the Board as sitting in the crow’s nest on the main mast of a ship with a view to the future, while the CEO and staff work in the day to day of steering the ship. We believe that the Board’s role is strategic oversight and risk, and that they should be spending 70% of Board meetings focused on strategy and risk-based discussions, and 30% on operational components.

The best Boards continually challenge themselves to be better and they partner with Satori Consulting to help make that a reality.

Some of our board governance programs are:

  • Peer Evaluations (standard and customized)

  • Board Coaching

  • Customized Board Training

  • Governance Documentation Reviews

Governance Consulting

Custom programs that bring clarity and laser focus to your Board’s challenges.

Governance Coaching

Full board and committee level coaching to help take your Board’s performance to the next level.

Board Evaluations

Board evaluations and assessments tools that build skills to learn and grow.

Governance is a structure for providing oversight, making informed decisions, and creating accountability and control.

Governance is all about oversight and insight whereas working boards, while still about oversight, also implement many of the strategies of the organization.

No difference between board and non profit governance.

Choose With Confidence

In organizations of all kinds, good governance starts with a strong understanding of your board’s challenges. Since 2004, Satori has teamed up with boards of all sizes to navigate the difficulties they face. This is accomplished by customizing Board assessments coupled with coaching and training to bring clarity and  strong governance.

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Let’s Get Started!

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