Business Consulting – Toronto
Business Consulting – Toronto

Business Management Consulting in Toronto

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What can a Business Consulting firm offer your Toronto business?

As trusted strategic partners, Satori Consulting Inc. differentiates itself in the competitive climate of management consultation in Toronto. At Satori, we partner with a wide variety of businesses to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Our creative solutions are results driven and facilitate positive change for Toronto based clients.

What is Management Consulting?
Business consulting or management consulting involves the use of an independent, objective professional as a problem solver and ambassador of lasting change. At Satori, we help our Toronto area clients to think and act differently by considering requirements, unique attributes, and market conditions. Furthermore, our business and management consultants can recognize and capitalize on new opportunities specifically for your organization.

At Satori we differentiate ourselves from other Toronto business consulting firms through education and experience in addition to an MBA and Directors Certification, Sandi Verrecchia is a Certified Management Consultant. The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in over 40 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. Satori Consulting has been management consulting in Toronto since 2004.

What is Management Consulting?

Management Consulting can be defined as the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Simply put, management consultants are able to offer businesses a fresh perspective and relay their thoughts and input to management and senior leaders. The business and consultants then work together to take an in depth look at business challenges, changes, and new opportunities through a new lens. The new information will help to leverage your Toronto business and provide a new sense of direction to get your business closer to your desired business goals.

Satori Consulting has been providing consulting support to the Greater Toronto area and since 2004. Sandi Verrecchia, CEO, is a Certified Management Consultant, which is a designation that is recognized internationally in over 40 countries. The CMC designation stands behind the highest standings of consulting, ethical practices, and codes of conduct.

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Toronto Business Strategy

Business Strategy is an important component to the success of any business. Having a carefully curated plan that encompasses your Toronto business’ long-term goals and objectives will serve to guide and strengthen the performance of your organization. Satori provides direction by presenting the information clearly and accurately, utilizing resources that may have been overlooked. We pride ourselves in our partnership philosophy which allows us to carefully plan and design a plan that is specific to your organization.

As all business strategy differs it is important to incorporate different levels of strategy and to ensure that they are all linked and measured. Each of these levels needs to be considered and explored to ensure the success of an overall business plan. These levels include:

“Business strategy is both an art and a science. Exceptional business strategy is enhanced through data, experience and knowledge. A successful business strategy knits together decisions and actions and links them throughout the organization and to the overall vision.”
– Sandi Verrecchia, CEO

Strategy Workshops For Your Toronto Business

At Satori Consulting, our trusted team of Toronto management consultants can execute workshops that drive effective change that yield positive results. We offer internal and external workshops that help businesses have productive discussions, set goals, and develop skills for the workplace. Overall, our workshops provide your Toronto business with the tools and information your business necessary for a successful future.

Our internal workshops are designed to work with internal stakeholders such as employees and Board of Directors. Examples of these type of workshops include:

Our external workshops are catered towards external stakeholders such as vendors and customers, which include:

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About Satori Consulting Inc.

Satori Consulting Inc. is a leading Canadian owned business management consulting and leadership development firm, based in Dundas, Ontario. Being based in Ontario works well for our team, but we are also national and global in scope, providing management consulting services from coast to coast within Canada and internationally.

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to our clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of expertise, real world experience, and best practices in business analytics, strategic planning, board governance, organizational effectiveness, executive coaching, talent acquisition and leadership development.

Providing expertise in credit union consulting, insurance industry knowledge, academia (coaching and teaching), general business management solutions, leadership development and team building – Satori Consulting Inc. offers all Everything DiSC® products along with many other personality assessments. SCI is passionate about management consulting and partnering with clients that want change.