Maximize YOUR Ability To Lead
Take Your Board’s Performance To The Next Level
Maximize YOUR Ability To Lead
Take Your Board’s Performance To The Next Level

Board Governance Coaching – Unique and Effective

When you think about governance coaching, you probably picture the typical one-on-one coaching that happens between a coach and an executive. While this is one way to coach, at Satori Consulting Inc. we will also provide governance coaching to the full board as well as at the committee level.

Many for-profit and not-for-profit boards struggle with proper governance and running effective meetings. Some of the areas that Satori Consulting Inc. provides Board coaching are:

  • Attending board meetings as an observer, providing insight on how to be more effective
  • Running interference on operations vs. strategy
  • Simply keeping meetings on track
  • CEO and Board relationships
  • CEO performance and succession
  • Committee support (such as nominating etc.)

Coaching can take your Board’s performance to the next level. Board coaching provides a regular cadence of contact and feedback that allows a Board to maximize its ability to lead and govern.

Workshops for Boards

Satori Consulting Inc. Workshops for Boards are designed to assist Boards in understanding their role and responsibilities, and effectively carry out their governance and leadership role in an increasingly complex environment. The role of the Board is critical.

Board education will increase Board effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Role clarity and improved director-CEO relationships

  • Understanding personal liability and risk
  • Improved strategic thinking, decision-making, risk mitigation, and planning
  • Improved relationships with all stakeholders
  • Choosing the right directors for the team
  • Improved governance and compliance through best practices

Satori Consulting Inc. offers many workshops for Boards that are focused on education and Board development. Depending on where your Board is on its governance journey we can start at the beginning, intermediate, or mastery stage to customize a workshop that creates value.

Workshops for Boards are an excellent way to engage with your Board, add value, and intensify the impact of your Board. Our Board training is modular so that every session fits the individual needs of our clients. Some of the topics offered are:

  • Governance 101 – The Role of Your Board
  • Strategy vs. Operations
  • Characteristics of a high-performing Board
  • Board development as a strategic tool
  • The Board/CEO partnership
  • Risk identification and mitigation

In addition to governance workshops, Satori Consulting Inc. offers a variety of professional workshops designed to enhance communication and professional growth.

The MBTI® Team Profile provides the ideal starting point for teams that want to get to know each other to improve their productivity. It enables teams to do ongoing development to grow and strengthen relationships over a longer period of time, and effectively tackle a wide range of business issues. The report includes a summary of the team’s personality type, team strengths and challenges, each individual’s contributions to the team and an action planning template.

The MBTI Assessment has over 70 years of science based and research based insight. It is one of the most globally used personality assessments targeting self awareness and improvement.

Who is the MBTI designed for?

  • Everyone

Why is the MBTI Right for You? The MBTI can help individuals and teams:

  • Identify strengths and potential challenges
  • Minimize potential blind spots
  • Improve capacities to solve problems, communicate, and use conflict constructively
  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences of team members
  • Develop action plans for specific steps to improve performance
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Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment and workshop uses the framework of vision, alignment, and execution, to encourage leaders to understand their own leadership behaviours and how they impact effectiveness. Using best practices, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders connects unique leadership styles to real world demands, and generates powerful conversations that provide clear action plans. This assessment and workshop approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship, in contrast to the one-to-one relationship emphasized in Everything DiSC® Management.

Five 60-90 minute workshop modules support the 23-page Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile assessment. This program is based on a four year development effort utilizing the work of leadership researchers from the last 30 years.

Who is Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Designed for?

  • Individuals with one-on-one coaching
  • Groups and teams delivered through a workshop
Why is this Program Right for You? Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders provides:
  • Two-Part Assessment including Everything DISC® assessment and Work of Leaders assessment that measures specific leadership behaviors
  • The Work of Leaders Profile:
  • The Work of Leaders Group Report:
  • Group level data on preferred behaviours based on leadership best practices
  • An understanding of which best practices come most and least naturally to the group
  • Easily applicable, action driven tips and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness
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