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More so than in any previous era, the constant and rapid change of today’s work environment is putting more pressure on leaders and demanding continuous transformation. At Satori we excel at providing leadership coaching that unleashes potential, drives change, and empowers leaders to truly lead. Our Certified Executive Coaches live by our mantra “we are successful when you are successful”, therefore our goal is to move our clients to be even more successful, and even more effective than they are today.

There is an undisputable link between a company’s culture, its leaders, and company performance. This correlation has heightened the need for leaders to be agile, in-tune with the day to day, and future focused all at the same time. Check out OT Kung Fu Podcast #16 – Focusing on Culture to Drive Strategy.

Today’s leaders need to balance the need for strong emotional intelligence and a strong bottom line

Our Certified Leadership Coaches are focused on the leadership talent continuum. Whether you are stepping into your first leadership role, or are a seasoned executive, leadership coaching offers a confidential environment where leaders can be creative, think strategically, plan, bounce ideas and be challenged. Leadership coaching co-creates strong, confident leaders who soar.

Wheels of Satisfaction

How satisfied are YOU? Take control of your life by assessing where you are and where you want to be. The Wheel of Satisfaction is often used as a way for people to identify how they can improve the different areas of their lives. The wheel provides space for self-reflection that allows one to focus on improving in areas where they may be lacking. The point of the wheel is to reflect on whether you are happy with your current situation and what is within your control to change. Think of it as an opportunity to close the gaps from where you are to where you want to be. Displayed below are two wheel assessments. One that focuses on your life and is divided into eight unique facets including financial security, health and fitness, physical space and more. The other wheel focuses on your career and professional development and is divided into nine areas relating to one’s professional life, including growth and exposure, work/life balance, fun and enjoyment, amongst other categories.

Be sure to complete the free downloadable assessments and contact us to arrange your free 30 min coaching consultation to explore the different areas of executive coaching and to have the Wheels of Life explained in further detail.

Get ready to take control and close the gaps from where you are today and where you want to be. The Wheel of Life satisfaction is often used as a way for people to identify how they can improve on the various different areas of their lives. The wheel provides space for self-reflection that allows one to focus on improving in areas where they may be lacking or are feeling less fulfilled. The life wheel technique gives clients a helicopter view of how satisfied they are with their life in key predefined life categories such as health, finances and relationships.
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The point of the wheel of professional satisfaction is to reflect on your level of satisfaction with your current work situation. The wheel is broken down into nine discreet segments that range from your personal brand to compensation to role satisfaction. The intent is to quantify your level of satisfaction against each area and choose the segment or segments that you would like to focus on to make change. Knowing what you want to do is the first step. The next step is making a plan to change what is within your control to change.
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1 in 4 senior business leaders say leadership coaching transformed their careers.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching:

  • Increased self-awareness and confidence

  • Improved strategic decision-making

  • Increased resilience to deal with challenges

  • Stronger leadership presence

  • Skillful communication

  • Enhanced creativity


The most important resource a company has is its people. Making an investment in high-potential individuals pays huge dividends. Leadership coaching provides one-on-one development with an Certified Executive Coach who can ask the right questions, probe the issues and provide the leader with a unique perspective. Individuals are energized and inspired to develop an effective and sustainable action plan to move forward.

Leadership development programs are also available to work with a group of high potentials who have been identified by the company as ideal for a programed and systematic approach to leadership development. We partner with organizations to build a program structure or deliver elements of a pre-designed program, such as one-on-one coaching sessions, homework assignments, or workshops that bring the group together to share and learn.

We support leaders in their journey by understanding where they are, where they need to be, and the gaps between the two destinations. We work with leaders to enhance their ability to motivate, influence, incite passion, and transcend their own self-interest for the greater good of the organization. Helping them to become transformational leaders.

Satori Consulting Inc. has provided leadership coaching and leadership development to its management consulting clients for over 10 years, through diagnostic conversations and a suite of individual and team assessment tools, our certified leadership coaches are well equipped to create momentum and support individua, team and organizational change.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching asks a provides a platform for a team to reflect honestly on how it is functioning and helps facilitate an action plan to take the team to the next level.

At Satori Consulting Inc. we collaborate with you and your teams to create dynamic and interactive solutions that integrate with your strategic objectives and align with your corporate culture. Organizations are structuring departments to be more collaborative and focused on team-based decision making thereby challenging the leader and team members to be at their best as they make real business decisions, develop and implement plans more effectively, and hold one another accountable for results. We create customized solutions that support the team in finding a path that allows them to work together more effectively and to navigate the political landscape and organizational boundaries.

Our custom programs, assessments, and benchmarking support the development of leaders by identifying team-based gaps, creating space for perspective transformation, understanding personal impact and by ultimately tearing down the barriers that limit potential.

When to Consider a Team Coaching Approach

  • Significant organizational change or crisis

  • Shift in leadership

  • Substantial change in team players

  • Regroup to align mission, vision, and values

  • Team culture is suffering, or stress levels are high

Our Coaches

CEO, Sandi Verrecchia has been a CoActive® executive leadership coach for over 12 years, drawing on her extensive management background and expertise to support a wide range of businesses with executive coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching and team development. Co-host of Organizational Transformation Kung-fu. A Podcast by two leadership coaches on everything coaching and change.

Manie Walker is a certified executive leadership coach through Royal Roads University. Throughout her career, Manie has supported large complex global organizations as well as national multi-location and entrepreneurial organizations.

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