Level Up YOUR Potential
Unbiased Consultants that Curate Positive Change
Level Up YOUR Potential
Unbiased Consultants that Curate Positive Change

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting
Navigating Unpredictable Terrain

The stakes are high. The demands on our people are greater today than ever before. Industry changes, market disruptors, increased regulatory requirements, increased customer expectations, and increased speed to market all drive the need for changes in strategy, process, structure, talent, and culture. Of course, all of this is wrapped in a banner of change and therefore, change management is the fifth area that needs to be addressed when looking at organizational effectiveness.

At Satori we take a diagnostic approach when working with clients to uncover the root causes that are negatively impacting an organization. Once the root causes are uncovered a plan can be put into place to begin to systematically address the issues. We can help your organization reach new heights while navigating the tricky and sometimes unpredictable terrain.

Our practice focuses on five fundamental areas: Strategy, Talent, Culture, Processes and Structure, and Change Management

  • Strategy: Good strategy creates the link between specific actions and the financial results of those actions. Creating a clear line of sight and alignment between individual contributions and the greater strategy creates higher engagement and satisfaction. We help organizations create linkages that empower employees to drive the strategy.
  • Talent: The talent and leadership gap continues to widen. Many times, this is due to a lack of leadership skills, promotions above competency levels, and/or a disconnect between the skills needed and the skills possessed. We spend time within your organization to determine which core issues are systemic and which are symptomatic. Understanding the difference allows us to create a plan that will address the issues for change.

  • Culture: It has been said that organizational culture is like an iceberg in that most of the culture lies below the surface. With so much hidden, culture can be exceptional, toxic, or be somewhere in between. We believe that good culture is driven by strong leadership. We will conduct a culture audit and a root cause analysis to truly understand what needs to change to make your culture exceptional.

  • Process and Structure: Strong processes and structure allow for employees to achieve optimal performance. Unfortunately, over time, as organizations grow and change, processes and structures often do not follow. Legacy processes and structures can hinder efficiency. We are well equipped to conduct process mapping and context mapped exercises to help streamline legacy and optimize performance.
  • Change Management: Change is the one constant that organizations know is bound to continue. Successful organizations embrace change and build structure that focuses both on the tangible aspects of change, such as processes and technology, but also on the intangible aspects such as staff and culture. We will diagnose your current change processes and structures and help build out the competencies required for success.


At Satori we believe feedback is a necessity for growth and harmony within your organization. Whether it is peer, executive, Board, or customer feedback, nothing compares to the value you will get from an honest, external viewpoint or perspective.

As with all our services, we listen to your needs and customize a solution to meet those needs. However, the survey is just part of the equation. What your organization does with the feedback is just as important as the feedback you will receive. We support you with an end to end solution that incorporates understanding the feedback and creating actions plans to support change.

Some examples of surveys we provide are:

  • Staff Engagement Surveys
  • Board or Executive Evaluations
  • Peer Reviews
  • Competency and Skills Assessments
  • Governance Assessments
  • Customer Engagement Surveys
  • Customer satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Effort Surveys
  • Net Promoter Score

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Let’s Get Started!

Contact us and let’s make change happen

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