In today’s world of commoditization, there are two ways to differentiate — price or customer service. Competing on price is not sustainable. There is always someone in the market willing to price lower and each time this happens you either need to react and lower your prices to match or risk losing your market position.  However, if customer service is truly engrained in an organization’s philosophy, processes and, dare I say, compensation, an organization can truly differentiate itself.

The reality, however, is that organizations cannot simply give superficial attention to customer service. Responding to feedback is pivotal. It not only addresses immediate concerns but also builds trust and loyalty over time. Coaching employees to handle customer feedback effectively is an essential strategy for any organization aiming to excel in customer satisfaction and retention. It also has the added benefit of demonstrating an investment in people – an organization’s most important asset.

Here are five important reasons why an external Customer Experience (CX) Coach is so important:

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Avoid Prioritization Overload

Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is a condition of distraction and is characterized by a propensity for getting distracted by new ideas and opportunities[1]. SOS results in Prioritization Overload, a phenomenon that creates more and more priorities to the point that managers are so overwhelmed with numerous focuses that they are asked to pay attention to which makes it difficult to give any single priority the time and attention it needs to be successful. A Customer Experience (CX) Coach will not be split between priorities. The coach’s sole focus is training staff on the importance of placing customers at the center of all activities. This involves understanding the customer’s journey and focusing on delivering value at every touchpoint. A dedicated Coach will work with employees to help them see the correlation between action and impact.

Increased Accountability

According to Jennifer T. Long in her new book OWN UP!: HOW TO HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE WITHOUT ALL THE DRAMA, Accountability is an act of clarity. An external CX Coach can lend the clarity to what is expected of each employee and engage in consistent and effective conversations that will lead to changed behaviour. Having employees take ownership of their actions relative to customer satisfaction helps prevent feedback from being overlooked and ensures that it is addressed promptly.

Mitigate Negative Online Reviews

Receiving a negative Google review is like getting punched in the gut. However, the reality is that most people don’t go that far, they simply stop using your services and/or tell their friends and family about their negative experience. By actively measuring NPS (Net Promotor Score, or CES (Customer Effort), or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and bringing the score down to the individual level, a CX Coach can monitor activity that might lead to negative reviews by ensuring that quick action is taken to acknowledge and engage with the customer and save the gut-wrenching ache of a poor Google review or lost customer.

Turn Feedback into Actionable Insights

Employees are often the frontline recipients of customer feedback. Coaching them to not only respond but also to gather and relay valuable insights back to the organization can drive continuous improvement. This process helps in identifying recurring issues and trends that can inform strategic decisions. A CX Coach will work with all employees and be able to quickly see key insights across the organization and identify common themes, patterns, and root causes of issues. A Customer Experience Coach is in a position to support the organization as a whole with recommendations that will inform change.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

When customers provide feedback, they expect to be heard and when a person is heard they feel valued. Coaching employees on how to respond appropriately can turn potentially negative experiences into opportunities for strengthening relationships. Well-trained employees can acknowledge concerns, apologize sincerely, and offer solutions that make customers feel appreciated and respected. A CX Coach will make this happen and your brand loyalty with flourish.

The Bottom Line

CX Coaching is about creating consistency, but it is also about continuous improvement: The laser focus of a CX Coach on customer satisfaction in support of market differentiation will pay dividends in the long run. Training and coaching staff to effectively handle customer feedback can prevent negative experiences from escalating into public complaints or negative reviews. By addressing issues proactively and positively, employees can turn dissatisfied customers into advocates.

Coaching employees to respond to customer feedback is not just about addressing complaints; it’s about building a resilient, customer-focused organization. By investing in a CX Coach, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, drive continuous improvement, foster a customer-centric culture, enhance accountability, and safeguard their reputation. In a world where customer experience defines success, empowering employees to handle feedback effectively is a crucial step toward long-term business growth and loyalty. Ask your self…can we afford not to hire a CX Coach?

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