Set Your Goals By Using Satori’s Wheel of Life as Your Guide

Do you think successful people are 100 per cent happy with all aspect of their lives? The answer is no. Just like you and me, successful people have areas for improvement however the main difference is that they are typically systematic about where to focus their energy for change. Successful people know that if they strive for perfection in all areas the likelihood of success is low, so they set personal goals to improve one or two areas where they are particularly dissatisfied with their current situation.

Sometimes the desire of change can be overwhelming, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where to start or what focus will garner the greatest impact and bring you the most joy. Humans are complex. We need to critically self reflect and determine the areas of our lives that give us personal and professional fulfillment and measure the areas that could use a focused plan for change.

Introducing Satori’s Wheel’s of Life Goal Setting Workbook

Our Wheel of Life workbook allows you to gauge your level of satisfaction across eight distinct areas of you life and create a visual to quickly ascertain where you should focus to be happier and more content. The eight facets are:

  1. Financial Security / Money
  2. Romance / Love
  3. Spirituality & Faith or Community Involvement
  4. Physical Space / Home
  5. Family / Friends
  6. Career / Work
  7. Health / Fitness
  8. Fun / Recreation

By scoring your overall satisfaction with each of these areas, you plot points on your Wheel of Life. I can’t stress enough the importance to being honest in your self evaluation. The exercise is for your improvement and a critical reflection is key. Once you plot your current life situation you are at choice. You can choose to live with an area that is perhaps lower in score to focus on an area that might serve you better at this time in your life. The point is you are always at choice. Nobody can tell you what brings you fulfillment and joy. Nobody can tell you that one area is more important that another to focus on. But once you decide you can plot your new course and make the changes you need to be successful.  Be realistic. Which areas do you want to improve, and which are you okay with as they are? This will reveal a few areas that you would like to work on. If your life feels balanced enough, perhaps you could switch gears and reflect on your current work situation by completing the Professional Wheel of Satisfaction. Similar to the Wheel of Life, the Professional Wheel of Satisfaction dissects the various aspects of your career and sets your goals accordingly.

Setting Personal Goals

Once you can visually see your wheel and make a choice on where to focus your energy, you can get started on setting personal goals. For example, if your Family/Friends score is low and you feel like your job or romantic life takes you away from your important time with friends and family, your personal goals  could include actions you can take to spend more time with friends. This could be making time in your calendar for weekly phone calls or scheduling coffee dates.  Remember that life is a balancing act and everything you do is somewhat connected. Giving up something to gain something needs to be reviewed by weighing the pros and cons to ensure that a change in one facet of the wheel doesn’t completely skew another.

Will this make me happier and bring me joy?

You have to go beyond the superficial when making your goals. Improving your life in key areas should have a positive outcome overall. Make sure you’re focusing on the right area of your life – the one with the most bang for your buck, so to speak. Make sure your goals are grounded in reality and think about the connection between success in your goals and other areas of your life.  For example, if your goal is financial security because you are carrying a lot of debt and living pay cheque to pay cheque, the goal shouldn’t be to become rich overnight, but rather it might be to lessen your unsecured debt by 50% within 6 months. This is a manageable bite size goal that may have many ancillary benefits such as  removing some day-to-day stresses, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life, such as fun and recreation. You might even excel at your job and improve your personal relationships once this burden is off your shoulders. As I mentioned all aspects of your life are interconnected in some way and it’s your job to connect and celebrate them.

Goal Planning

Setting goals is easy, following through is the hard part. Assess the push and pull factors that might keep you from reaching your goals. What barriers do you need to address that might prevent you from achieving your goal? What do you have to do to overcome these challenges?

The Wheels of Life self-assessments help to guide you towards what is most important to you. Ground your goals in reality and be specific. Remember that you’ve got this!

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