3 Tips to Optimize Your CRM and Make it Work for You

3 Tips to Optimize Your CRM and Make it Work for You

By: Jason Heffren CRM Systems Strategist/Consultant

Malcolm Forbes has been quoted as saying “Failure is success if we learn from it.”

It’s safe to say I’ve (almost) seen it all, having spent the last 14 years working with credit unions to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. I’m going to shed some light on ways you can learn from the mistakes I’ve seen and maximize your investment through CRM optimization.

  1. Stop Making Assumptions

Yes, the software is intuitive. Yes, it may be easy to use, but guess what? If you don’t understand ‘why’ you are using it and how that relates to the big picture, then you won’t know how to use it correctly. So, first things first, get clear on your WHY if you want to maximize potential.

CRM technology helps to aggregate and organize customer data that can be analyzed and used to provide tailored solutions that better serve your clientele. Improved customer relationship management impacts your bottom line through increased customer retention rates, and sales but it also serves to reduce the workload on the sales and service team.

Who doesn’t like a personalized experience? Your CRM plays a critical role in recording all your customer interactions.  Don’t assume you know what your customers want, use your CRM data and analytical tools to your advantage to manage resources and workflow and provide an individual experience.

  1. Ask Questions

Silence does not mean that everything is ok. Ask questions, dig deeper.

Once a CRM system has been implemented you need to spend the time learning the capabilities of the system and asking questions to ensure everyone is on the same page and that your team is using the system to it’s fullest potential. Are you using your CRM data to execute marketing campaigns, improve business relationships, retain customers, and drive sales growth? If not, you’re overlooking a huge piece of functionality.

Your CRM offers a 360 view of your client, their open and closed accounts, purchases, and complaints. Use the data gleaned from your CRM to pinpoint and predict future customer needs and behaviours and prevent churn. Your CRM is there to provide the roadmap, it can teach you how to approach your customers, which products and services are relevant to them and where you may be wasting time.

  1. Focus on Training and Execution

Most people do not have a holistic understanding of CRM; therefore, one cannot assume that organizations know what to do with the system once it is installed. I’ve seen CRM systems implemented incorrectly, and like a domino effect, the errors keep accumulating. Focus on learning the system so that it can be implemented and executed to maximize its fullest potential. Do not underestimate the power of your CRM, it can provide valuable insights that traditional reports and statistics cannot. Each person should have a thorough understanding of the CRM, why it’s being used and the potential it has to transform your business.

Do you know what functionality you are missing out on? Do you know how to make changes to your own CRM system to maximize efficiency? Customers will always see value in businesses that address their needs, an optimized CRM is the key to achieving that.

At Satori Consulting, we’ve developed systems to help Credit Unions find solutions to, and uncover hidden problems within their CRMs, maximizing potential through our CRM Optimizer.

Contact us today to learn more.

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