Forging forward in business without an integrated, realistic and action oriented strategic plan is akin to setting sail without a map, directions, or a destination. At Satori Consulting inc. we endeavour to provide Hamilton business executives and Boards with support in establishing integrated strategic plans that produce alignment and a clear line of vision across the entire organization. With 15 years of experience in business consulting and strategic planning facilitation, Satori ensures smooth sailing when it comes to strategic planning for your Hamilton based business.

A strategic plan that is built in an isolated disjointed fashion will not garner the desired outcome. Satori’s approach to planning has integration as its core principle. Integration brings to light and leverages departmental interdependence, and further invests your primary stakeholders.  Integration allows your Hamilton organization to function cooperatively as a whole and helps facilitate a strategic plan that is embraced by individuals and the entire team.

Since 2004, Sandi Verrecchia, CEO and her proficient team of business consultants and strategic   planning facilitators have assisted in the development of strategic plans for a wide array of Hamilton businesses. From banks, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, to law firms, logistics and non profit organizations, Satori has the expertise to meet the unique needs of your Hamilton-based company. Regardless of the industry, our approach is systematic and predicated on an understanding of the expected deliverable. That said, we recognize that versatility and flexibility are necessary to address the ever changing needs of a business. At Satori, we are able to nimbly navigate, within the process, to promote positive change that supports the plan…and we always interject some fun so that your strategic planning experience is invigorating, creative and productive.

“Satori Consulting was hired to facilitate a strategic planning session of our credit union’s senior management team. Sandi Verrecchia provided a great framework for our group to pull together different perspectives and ideas in order to build our long term strategy. She was professional and patient as we worked through our discussions and guided us effectively. Our time was efficiently used and all participants felt that the sessions which took place over two days were time well spent.”

Adam Monteith, VP Marketing, Access Credit Union Feb. 2017

Businesses have a myriad of planning needs. Not all are strategic in nature. At Satori, our business consultants and strategic planning facilitators in Hamilton carefully evaluate your overall business needs before outlining an actionable plan.

We have many different approaches and levels of service to satisfy our customers’ needs:

  • Full Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning – Where tactical objectives meet strategy
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • ​Blue Ocean Strategy
  • ​Board Planning
  • Department Level Planning

  • Balance Scorecard
  • ​Mission, Vision, Values
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • SWOT, PEST etc.
  • Strategic Plan ‘Tune-ups’

About Satori Consulting inc.

Satori Consulting inc. is a leading Canadian owned management consulting and leadership development firm, based in Burlington Ontario. Being based in Burlington Ontario supports our geographically close service areas of Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto and the GTA, but we are also national and global in scope providing management consulting services from coast to coast within Canada and the US.

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of expertise, real world experience and best practices across business strategy, governance, organizational performance and executive & talent development.

Providing expertise in credit union consulting, insurance industry knowledge, academia (coaching and teaching), general business management solutions, family business solutions, leadership development and team building – Satori Consulting inc. is passionate about management consulting and partnering with clients that want change.