Business Consulting – Trinidad & Tobago

Business Consulting in the Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago

While known as beautiful tourist destinations, Trinidad and Tobago are also among the wealthiest islands in the Caribbean with an educated workforce and a firm footing in the hydrocarbon industry. In today’s market, it is incumbent upon businesses in Trinidad and Tobago to be both effective and efficient to remain competitive. At Satori Consulting inc., we become trusted partners with our Caribbean clients and deliver creative solutions that promote desired results. Our management and business consultants can provide your Trinidad and Tobago business with the necessary tools to drive constructive change and build success.

What is Business Consulting?

Business or management consultants provide impartial expertise to aid in problem-solving within your Caribbean based organization. The use of Satori’s independent professional advisers supports in-house problem solving by providing a fresh perspective, opportunities for learning, and promotion of necessary change. Additionally, our management consultants can outline and help capitalize on new opportunities for your Trinidad and Tobago business.

At Satori, we differentiate ourselves from other Caribbean consulting firms through experience and education. Satori Consulting inc. has been providing expert consulting since 2004.

Sandi Verrecchia, CEO, is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), which ensures she is committed to the highest standards of ethics and practice. The Certified Management Consultant designation is the profession’s only international certification mark and assures integrity in business consulting.

Business Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago

Running your Trinidad and Tobago business without a strategic game plan is a recipe for disaster. At Satori Consulting, our business consultants carefully blend art and science to support your organization in creating a viable, actionable, long term business plan. We provide the ingredients necessary to plan and marshall resources so that they may be used in a measured, effective and efficient manner.

It is no easy task to plan a business strategy. Different levels of strategy must be directly linked and measured to be effective. The success of your Trinidad and Tobago business goals is dependent on considering and exploring each of these levels and their relationship to each other.

“Creating the links between personal, department, and corporate strategy improves engagement execution.””
– Sandi Verrecchia, CEO


Sandi Verrecchia, CEO, and her talented team, provide internal and external workshops to assist Caribbean based businesses in gaining insight and providing staff with valuable skills and training. Satori’s management and business consultants can help Trinidad and Tobago firms understand issues, define goals, and facilitate change. So doing, can substantially improve productivity and efficiency.

External stakeholders such as customers, non-customers and vendors can benefit from our external workshops. These may include:

  • Brand workshops
  • Brand workshops
  • Focus groups

Internal stakeholders, such as employees and Boards of Directors, benefit from participation in internal workshops. These would include:

  • Board and management planning sessions
  • Process facilitation and improvement
  • Brand workshops
  • Sales training
  • Conflict workshops
  • Influence workshops
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Value proposition workshops

At Satori our business coaches and business consultants in Toronto can provide the workshops best suited to your needs.

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