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Culture, Community and Change


Satori’s 2019 Conference
November 19-20, 2019  |  Pillar & Post, Niagara on the Lake


Insights 2019 will focus on: Culture, Community and Change.

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL!  Learn from a variety of industries, broaden your personal and business paradigms, and meet new contacts. Whether you’re focused on Community, Building A Winning Culture, Redefining your Brand or Looking to launch a Blue Ocean Strategy, This Year’s Conference is Guaranteed to Hit the Mark and leave you wanting more!

Register today and join us in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, November 19th & 20th.
Keynote speaker: Tony Gareri, CEO, Roma Molding

We believe in thinking outside the box! This year we are bringing together an amazing group of speakers from varying industries to expand the way we view our own businesses and challenge our thinking and tactics. We pride ourselves on providing the level of content that ensures both professional and personal growth, outstanding networking opportunities, knowledge transfer and tons of fun. You’ll even learn how to reframe that pesky Millennial Gap!

Still not convinced?

This year, attendees can look forward to an interesting and interactive array of content such as:

  • The Branch of the Future – Maximizing all Channels through Data, Optimization and Design – presented by Satori & NEWGROUND
  • PenFinancial’s Truly Local Commitment Strategy – Jody Vizza, Director of Brand
  • A local, successful Blue Ocean Strategy – Bench Brewery (Plus tasting!)
  • How to challenge your personal boundaries

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Keynote Speaker

Tony GareriTony Gareri
CEO, Roma Moulding

Topic: Culture, Community and Change

Tony Gareri is the CEO of Roma Moulding, a picture frame manufacturer that remains world-renowned for its iconic design and commitment to craftsmanship. Upon being named CEO in March 2011, Tony laid the foundations for a culture shift that would profoundly affect the way Roma Moulding would do business.

By establishing a clear Mission, Vision and Core Values, Tony constructed a framework for leadership and daily decisions that were focused around the happiness of his team. During the last decade, Roma Moulding has been recognized as 2018 Manufacturer of the Year by The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce and is a frequent guest on business and leadership podcasts including Business Basecamp and Profit Magazine’s BusinessCast. Tony has also been featured in numerous publications and podcasts, including magazines such as Forbes, Inc and most recently, The Drive Magazine!

As an ambassador for workplace culture and happiness, Tony’s mission is simple: To help companies build happy winning teams!

His experience leading a transformation within his own company has driven him to consult and speak with organizations across North America about workplace happiness. Tony’s keynote presentations reveal his passion and belief in building sustainable strategies to cultivate thriving, happy, successful workplaces.

Greg Ward

Topic:Changing Consumers and the Branch of the Future

Greg is a registered architect leads the Canadian team on a full-range of projects across the continent and internationally.  Greg lives out NewGround’s core values of innovation, teamwork, integrity, knowledge, collaboration, and dedication, and he is client-centric in his approach to design and service. He believes in a deliverable that is a perfect fit for an institution’s brand and culture. This is attested to by the fact that his projects have been bestowed more design awards than perhaps any other architect in the financial services industry.

His commitment to environmental design is strong, and is demonstrated through the many Golden Globes his clients have achieved.

Greg has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, he is a graduate of the Rome (Italy) Architecture Program, also through the University of Waterloo. Greg also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Toronto.

Jody Vizza
Chief Brand Officer, PenFinancial

Topic: Building a Values Driven Brand

Jody Vizza is a Brand specialist who brings experience, motivation and creativity to the credit union sector and is currently the Chief Brand Officer at PenFinancial Credit Union, a truly local, values driven credit union serving 20,000 members with 8 locations serving the Niagara Region and Haldimand County.
Jody originally began her career as a graphic designer for Niagara Credit Union and throughout the years has led various areas in Marketing including Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Management. On a personal level, Jody lends her leadership and passion for building strong communities to local organizations and is currently on the board of Socks for Change, a brand new organization with a goal of annually donating at least 30,000 pairs of wool socks to homeless children, women and men in Niagara.
Through her creative imagination and community focused heart, Jody injects emotion into
brands and meaning into partnerships.

Joshua Hamilton
Data and AI Strategy, Indigo

Topic: Indigo’s Journey to Meaningful AI Adoption

Artificial Intelligence technology is popping up everywhere, with applications ranging from automated customer service to integrated data science.

While most organizations recognize the impact AI will have on their industry, in the near future, many struggle to integrate AI into their strategies in a meaningful way.

Indigo is no different. As Canada’s largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer with a large bricks and mortar presence, Indigo is looking to AI to enhance its customer experience and engage with customers in a meaningful way through the integration of AI.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta
Change Management Consultant

Topic: Leading Change in Today’s Disruptive Business Environment

Yvonne is a Change Management Strategist and Change Leadership Advocate with over 20 years of experience helping professionals and organizations to navigate and transition through change, most especially in today’s disruptive environment.

She is genuinely passionate about change and has worked with a broad range of organizations globally to help lead and manage their Strategic, Technology and Regulatory Change Initiatives. Her experience in leading and managing change with these organizations, coupled with her exposure to global and diverse business environments have equipped her to be proficient in thinking ‘outside the box’.

Yvonne is the founder of The Change Leadership, a series of events and conferences focused on preparing leaders, change professionals and organisations to lead change in today’s fast-paced and disruptive business environment.

Yvonne is a published author, an inspirational speaker and change catalyst.

Heather Korol
Owner, Master Your Message

Topic: Transforming your Business in One Sentence

Heather Korol is the owner of MASTER YOUR MESSAGE. She is a certified StoryBrand Guide and a business coach with 20 years of client experience. She guides small and medium sized companies to clarify their business message – Because Simple Sells.
Heather is the speech writer for TEDx talks with views reaching over
400,000 per talk. The Author of Slice of Happy ~ Because the whole pie is overrated. The Event Director of the inaugural TEDxCollingwood. A featured speaker at the Women’s Conference and FallFit Women’s
Retreat, and an inspiring mom to her three children.

Fred Sarkari
Psychotherapist and Best Selling Author

Topic: The Science Behind People

Fred has spoken for employees including: Microsoft, Wells Fargo, BMW, Scotia Bank, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, CIBC, Royal Bank, Genworth Financial, Hilton Hotels, and many more.

With a background in Psychotherapy, Fred has lived and researched Human Behavior Patterns with a focus around emotional engagement in personal and professional relationships. He has been dubbed by the media as a human behavior expert.

Fred is also a best selling author of:
*  How The Top 5% Think – Principles of Great Leaders
*  Courage to be Naked
*  101 Exercises that Will Change your Life and Business

Don’t miss out!   

Matt Giffen
Founder, Bench Brewing Company

Topic: Creating a Successful Blue Ocean Strategy + TASTING!

Born and raised in London, Ontario, farming and country life was always been a passion of Matt’s. After 25 years working in big cities, he knew it was time to start following his passion for farming and agriculture full time.
With his wife Erin, and their 3 children they have been part of the Twenty Valley community for close to seven years, first growing grapes and now hops and apples. Matt’s long time fascination with the influence climate, location and soil have on growing wine grapes and love for beer, led him to wonder why there weren’t any breweries focusing on the concept of “terroir” in their brewing processes. That really was the inspiration for Bench – Matt wanted to build a unique and rural craft brewery that produces remarkable small batch beers in the heart of Ontario’s wine country.
Matt knows that the Twenty Valley is the perfect place for the Bench Brewing Company, and he’s excited to share his dream with you.

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