Invest In YOUR Organization & Members
Providing The Right Tools To Succeed
Invest In YOUR Organization & Members
Providing The Right Tools To Succeed

CRM Consulting

Satori leverages more than 15 years of extensive CRM and sales experience to help you maximize the AXYM™ output and integrate it with your CRM. Our consultants are not only available to help you to configure, execute, and capture the data for your campaigns, but our experts can train and equip your staff to sell more effectively.

CRM can be a powerful tool – we are here to help. We know that CRM solutions are a significant investment for any organization – both in the time required to select the solution and train staff, as well as the financial commitment. Organizations that have made an investment in a CRM tool are looking for a strong ROI. However, we have found that there is often a gap in engagement, proper use and buy-in. Satori has the expertise to support credit unions to optimize CRM understanding, adoption, and value to the organization and your members. To achieve this we have created the CRM Health Check.

Do You Need A CRM Health Check?

If you checked any of the following boxes, then a CRM Health Check will help you be more successful:

  • Our staff struggle to use our CRM effectively/consistently
  • Our CRM offers many functions, but we are not sure that everyone knows how to use them
  • We use CRM as a coaching tool, but are not sure the results are accurate
  • We have not captured the best practices of our high performers relative to using CRM
  • Campaign management is not where it should be, but we are unsure why
  • We don’t know what we don’t know and need help streamlining our CRM use

Here’s what a CRM Health Check will offer:

  • Comprehensive analysis of functionality and current use
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses, along with prescribed changes
  • Best practices
  • CRM configuration – designed to optimally leverage
  • Integration of AXYM™ Predictive Analytics services into CRM
  • Campaign management, report pulling and “How to” campaign
  • Relationship sales coaching
  • Coaching the Coaches
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Let’s Get Started!

Contact us and let’s make change happen


About Satori Consulting Inc.

Satori Consulting Inc. is a leading Canadian owned management consulting and leadership development firm, based in Burlington, Ontario. Being based in Burlington, Ontario supports our geographically close service areas of Hamilton, Kingston, Mississauga, Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph, Milton, Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA, but we are also national and global in scope providing management consulting services from coast to coast within Canada and internationally.

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to our clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of expertise, real world experience, and best practices in analytics, strategic planning, governance, organizational effectiveness, executive coaching, talent acquisition and leadership development.

Providing expertise in credit union consulting, insurance industry knowledge, academia (coaching and teaching), general business management solutions, leadership development and team building – Satori Consulting Inc. offers all Everything DiSC® products along with many other personality assessments. SCI is passionate about management consulting and partnering with clients that want change.