Sandi Verrecchia, Business Therapist

So why is Sandi Verrecchia a one-of-a-kind business therapist?

How a leading business therapist will help your bottom line

The Toronto Tribune interviews Sandi Verrecchia:

Top business therapist reveals that creating connection will help canadian companies attract top talent that will stick around

What’s New

Satori Introduces Unique Team Building Workshop by Incorporating Chocolate:

Bridging the Gap with Chocolate: Team Building Workshop

Sandi Verrecchia keynotes at EAPAT Conference in Toronto:

Speak on How to End Workplace Bullying

Satori Consulting unveils first-of-its-kind program:

Media Coverage from The Toronto Tribune

Cogeco TV Interviews Satori Consulting:

Introduces Satori’s Leadership Circle

Strategic Planning Simplified:

Biz Radio Interviews Sandi Verrecchia

In the News

Team Building with Chocolate

Dee Ann Turner’s It’s my Pleasure digital press kit

Satori Officially Becomes Authorized Partner of Wiley Workplace Solutions

PRESS RELEASE – Frontline Credit Union partners with Satori Consulting
PRESS RELEASE – Salmon Arm Savings partners with Satori Consulting
PRESS RELEASE – G&F Financial Group partners with Satori Consulting
PRESS RELEASE – Aldergrove and Casera Credit Unions partner with Satori Consulting
PRESS RELEASE – Satori Consulting partners with Member Effort Survey
PRESS RELEASE – Satori Consulting launches Member Effort Survey to Canadian Credit Unions

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