Satori Consulting inc. offers specialized consulting services and business management solutions to a wide variety of niche industries such as credit unions, mutual insurance companies and non-profits. Offering specialized consulting services is an important strategy for Satori Consulting as it speaks to our high level of expertise, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industries or sectors.


Business Management Experts

Credit Union Consultants

We pride ourselves on being known as credit union consultants and are positioned among the best credit union consulting firms because we understand how credit unions work, how they are regulated and the operational issues that they all face. In fact, we began our consulting journey as part of CUMIS Insurance and in partnership with Canadian credit unions in 2004 and continue today to work heavily in that space. Back in 2004, our mandate was to help credit unions be more successful through gaining a better understanding of their data and to provide strategy and marketing support to the retail environment. We have grown exponentially since that time and offer many strategic services such as:

  • Data Analytics and Member Segmentation
  • Predictive Models
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing and Branding, trade area

  • Governance and Board Assessments
  • Board Planning and Facilitation
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Sales training and Coaching

We have worked with all banking systems and have proprietary solutions that solve day to day issues, set strategy and produce positive growth.

Since 2004 we have continued to grow and align our firm with other like industries such as Mutual Insurance. Much like our Credit Union Consultant title, we are also well known as Mutual Insurance consultants. We have found that the two systems are closing aligned in core values, community support and a member first philosophy all of which align well with Satori Consulting inc.

Surveys – Customer Effort including Net Promotor

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, measuring customer effort outperforms the Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction measures in predicting customer behaviour. This research has led Satori Consulting Inc. to partner with the US firm called Member Effort Survey to bring the effort measurement to Canadian Credit Unions. Member Effort Survey is backed by Steve Straub of Competitive Edge, a firm focused on leveraging technology to measure satisfaction and loyalty among members and staff.

Member Effort Survey measures the amount of effort that a member needs to exert to do a transaction or conduct banking at a credit union. Whether it is applying for a loan, accessing mobile banking, calling a branch or cashing a cheque, the data collected provides insight to processes or channels that require more effort and therefore provides tangible data to create internal changes to streamline processes and make dealing with the organization easy and seamless. According to a Harvard Business Review article, of the customers who reported low effort, 94% expressed an intention to repurchase, and 88% said they would increase their spending. Only 1% said they would speak negatively about the company. Conversely, 81% of the customers who had a hard time solving their problems reported an intention to spread negative word of mouth. Compelling statistics indeed.

Kindred Credit Union PACE Credit Union Aldergrove Credit Union North Peace Savings and Credit Union

“Going into the 2015 fiscal year, one of the things that PACE wanted to be better at measuring was performance, says Dan Coldwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Pace Credit Union. When Sandi approached us with the concept of Member Effort Scores we were all ears. So far, the program has exceeded expectations. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the 23% participation rate of the online surveys that have been sent out. In addition, over 80% of our members complete the survey questions. The constant feedback we get from our membership is certainly shaping a number of our planning and resource decisions moving forward. To me, MES is the rubber hitting the road measurement – it tells us in a very simple way if we are doing the right things in buying technology, managing processes, hiring and training. No doubt MES is becoming known as the ultimate credit union metric.”

Dan Coldwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Pace Credit Union

Mutual Insurance Consultants

Our differentiation and our passion is our partnership philosophy. We don’t just work for our clients; we become a trusted strategic partner, which provides us the opportunity to facilitate change by delivering creative solutions that drive effective results. By becoming Mutual Insurance Consultants we understand policy data, the insurance industry and the highly competitive markets that mutual insurance companies operate in. Much like credit unions it is hard to compete against the BIG guys and therefore differentiating on service and community is very important.

We offer the following services to the Mutual community:

  • Data research and trending analysis
  • Trade area analysis and opportunity spotting
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing and Branding

  • Governance and Board Assessments
  • Board Planning and Facilitation
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

We recently completed an extensive trade area assessment for Cayuga Mutual. Steve Quinn and his team were looking gain a deeper understanding of their existing customer base and where opportunities existed for organic and new growth. By analyzing years of MCCG data, along with external trade area data, we were able to provide recommendations on where to focus efforts and resources for higher stickiness with existing and new members.

“We have been focused geographically and the data provided by Satori validated that we are on the right track. In addition they were able to uncover internal processes that are leaving money on the table and we will be making some internal changes close the gaps. We are very happy with the work provided by Satori Consulting and will be sharing the findings with our Board in early 2017.”

Steve Quinn, CEO, Cayuga Mutual

Non-Profit Consultants

At Satori Consulting inc. we believe it is very important to give back to our community. Every year we provide one ‘free of charge’ consulting engagement to a non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations often don’t have the means, tools or expertise to analyze data or conduct strategic planning sessions. With this in mind we support our non-profit partners and the worthwhile work that they provide our communities.

In addition to the one free of charge consulting engagement offered every year, we support our non-profit friends through fee reductions on all consulting engagements.

“Halton Learning Foundation partnered with Satori to uncover a wealth of information from our database which has allowed us to begin development of improved strategies and messages to help further our mission to eliminate financial barriers for HDSB students. We want to ensure that all of our work connects meaningfully with our existing supporters and supporters “to be” whose interests align with the work of HLF. As a small charity, their support was invaluable for us to ensure that all our available resources are directed in a smart and focused way to helping students in need here in Halton. Our thanks to Sandi and your team, we are very grateful!”

Lesley Mansfield, Executive Director, Halton Learning Foundation

About Satori Consulting inc.

Satori Consulting inc. is a leading Canadian owned management consulting and leadership development firm, based in Burlington Ontario. Being based in Burlington Ontario supports our geographically close service areas of Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Cambridge, Waterloo, Toronto and the GTA, but we are also national and global in scope providing management consulting services from coast to coast within Canada and the US.

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of expertise, real world experience and best practices across business strategy, governance, organizational performance and executive & talent development.

Providing expertise in credit union consulting, insurance industry knowledge, academia (coaching and teaching), general business management solutions, family business solutions, leadership development and team building – Satori Consulting inc. is passionate about management consulting and partnering with clients that want change.