Governance Coaching – Unique and Effective

When you think about governance coaching, you probably picture the typical one-on-one coaching that happens between a coach and an executive. While this is one way to coach, at Satori we will also provide governance coaching to the full board as well as at the committee level.

Many for-profit and not-for-profit boards struggle with proper governance and running effective meetings. Some of the areas that Satori provides Board coaching are:

  • Attending board meetings as an observer, providing insight on how to be more effective;
  • Running interference on operations vs. strategy;
  • Simply keeping meetings on track;
  • CEO and Board relationships;
  • CEO performance and succession;
  • Committee support (such as nominating etc.).

Coaching can take your Board’s performance to the next level. Board coaching provides a regular cadence of contact and feedback that allows a Board to maximize its ability to lead and govern.



Sandi Verrecchia, CEO of Satori Consulting is a Certified Director through the Directors College as well as a Certified Management Consultant and Coach. Satori Consulting is committed to life-long learning and has chosen to separate itself from the clutter and noise of consulting firms in the market by continually adding certifications that make us experts in the fields that we consult in.

Workshops for Boards

SCI Workshops for Boards are designed to assist Boards in understanding their role and responsibilities, and effectively carry out their governance and leadership role in an increasingly complex environment.

The role of the Board is critical.  Board education will increase Board effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Role clarity and improved director, and director-CEO relationships;
  • Understanding personal liability and risk;
  • Improved strategic thinking, decision-making, risk mitigation, and planning;
  • Improved relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Choosing the right directors for the team;
  • Improved governance and compliance through best practices.

Satori offers many workshops for Boards that are focused on education and Board development. Depending on where your Board is on its governance journey we can start at the beginning, intermediate, or mastery stage to customize a workshop that creates value.

Workshops for Boards are an excellent way to engage with your Board, add value, and intensify the impact of your Board.

Our Board training is modular so that every session fits the individual needs of our clients. Some of the topics offered are:

  • Governance 101 – The Role of Your Board
  • Strategy vs. Operations
  • Characteristics of a high-performing Board
  • Board development as a strategic tool
  • The Board/CEO partnership
  • Risk identification and mitigation

Team Assessments for Boards

In addition to governance workshops, SCI offers a variety of professional workshops designed to enhance communication and professional growth.

Myers-Briggs® Assessment & Workshop for Boards 

The MBTI® assessment helps individuals increase self-awareness through gaining a better understanding of their strengths and their preferred working styles.  Used in groups, the MBTI assessment also helps create a better understanding and appreciation between team members and colleagues – enabling them to work better together and make stronger decisions.

The MBTI® workshop is a fun and interactive session designed to help Boards see how to best work together, minimize conflict, and become more productive. The Satori MBTI® workshop integrates communication and governance discussions to maximize the time together, and leave each Board with actionable strategies focused on enhanced productivity.

Everything DiSC® Assessments & Workshop for Boards 

Everything DiSC® Assessments measures preference and tendencies and creates space for dialogue. Understanding yourself is the first step in becoming more effective when working with others. Board and director relationships and interactions are just as important as any other team. In fact, given that Boards don’t work together on a day-to-day basis, relationship strengthening activities are even more important for team and governance effectiveness.

The Satori Everything DiSC® workshop highlights the strengths of individual Board members and sheds light on how individuals like to make decisions and set strategies. It also illuminates the overall team culture and provides fun activities that help build stronger and more effective teams and governance structures.


About Satori Consulting Inc.

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