Business coaching and executive coaching are embedded in the fabric of many future focused organizations. The use of an unbiased, external, professional business coach to support change initiatives, resolve conflict, increase employee engagement, and develop underutilized leadership skills enables organizations to optimize talent management and retention, aligning individuals and teams to the overall business strategy and vision.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Clarity of individual strengths
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Ability to build resilience to deal with challenges
  • Improved leadership and communication skills
  • Increased self-confidence

We support leaders in their journey by understanding where they are, where they need to be, and the gaps between the two destinations. We work with leaders to enhance their ability to motivate, influence, incite passion, and transcend their own self-interest for the greater good of the organization. Helping them to become transformational leaders.

Satori Consulting Inc. has provided business coaching to its management consulting clients for over 10 years, through diagnostic conversations and a suite of individual and team assessment tools, our business coaches are well equipped to create momentum and support individual and organizational change.

CEO, Sandi Verrecchia has been a CoActive® executive coach for over 12 years, drawing on her extensive management background and expertise to support a wide range of businesses with executive coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching and team development.

Manie Walker is a certified executive coach through Royal Roads University. Throughout her career, Manie has supported large complex global organizations as well as national multi-location and entrepreneurial organizations.

“Our philosophy is to support leaders and organizations in their journey. We seek to understand the gaps between where they are and where they need to get to so that we can effectively build programs and to move them forward and close the gaps” – Sandi Verrecchia, CEO of Satori Consulting Inc.


“Executive Coaching is vehicle for an individual to focus and move forward on their personal and professional priorities, through the exploration of ideas and candid discussions with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner.” – Manie Walker, Certified Executive Coach, Satori Consulting Inc.

Leadership & Coaching

Through years of business coaching experience, working with C-Suite, VP level, managers, directors and teams, the team at Satori Consulting Inc. has helped businesses and business leaders learn to deliver core concepts, ideas and visions with clarity and confidence.

Coaching is a process that involves integrity, accountability, action, and truly understanding what is meaningful to you.  We are all pulled in many directions. When you take the time to focus on yourself, creating the best version of yourself, you will see the ripple effect throughout your entire life.

Invest in yourself. Contact us today.

Satori Consulting Inc. has coached numerous organizations within industries that include: Retail Banking, Credit Unions, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical/Health Care, Academia, Logistics and Insurance.

At Satori Consulting Inc. we offer a broad range of assessments and profile tools that support our business coaching practice. These tools provide insights into many aspects of an individual’s capabilities, behaviors and preferences. We offer both individual and team assessments.

Please contact us for more information on any of the assessments listed or for additional assessment options.

The following is a list of some of the assessments we are currently using.

As an authorized partner of Everything DiSC, we offer

Excellent Books on Leadership

“Satori was instrumental in the development process of our management team. Sandi is a phenomenal business coach. Sandi’s business coaching approach was specifically tailored to each individual on our executive team. Individually and as a team, we have become more productive and much more efficient in our day to day processes.”

Steve Smith, CEO, Farm Mutual Reinsurance Company

About Satori Consulting Inc.

Satori Consulting Inc. is a leading Canadian owned management consulting and leadership development firm, based in Burlington Ontario. Being based in Burlington Ontario supports our geographically close service areas of Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Cambridge, Waterloo, Toronto and the GTA, but we are also national and global in scope providing management consulting services from coast to coast within Canada and the US.

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of expertise, real world experience and best practices across business strategy, governance, organizational performance and executive & talent development.

Providing expertise in credit union consulting, insurance industry knowledge, academia (coaching and teaching), general business management solutions, family business solutions, leadership development and team building – Satori Consulting Inc. is passionate about management consulting and partnering with clients that want change.