Teamwork Tips: Communicating as a C-Style Individual

Teamwork Tips: Communicating as a C-Style Individual

This is the fourth and final installment of our series on the DiSC behavioural styles and how each type communicates with others. Here we will focus on C-types and how to collaborate with colleagues when you possess traits associated with this particular type.

As we’ve said in our previous blogs in this series, team building is an essential practice to improve workplace communication. And with so many personalities in one place, it can be difficult to find the right balance. If everyone understands their peers’ strengths and weaknesses, working together becomes much easier – and even fun! Everyone, including C-types, have value, but it’s not always easy to get your point across. By identifying your DiSC behavioural type and better understanding others, you can enjoy a more harmonious working relationships with your colleagues.

Refresher on the four DiSC behavioural styles:

D – Dominance

i – Influence

S – Steadiness

C – Conscientiousness

Who are C-types?

The “C” in DiSC stands for conscientiousness. Conscientiousness types are known to be sticklers for accuracy, challenge assumptions and strive for facts. Like S-types, C-types value stability and do what they can to maintain it in the workplace.

C-types thrive in environments that allow them to use their knowledge and expertise. They fight for quality work and expect others to do the same. For work to be good, in a C-type’s eyes, it needs to be accurate and fact-based.

This very principled approach to work is truly an asset to any team, as it keeps everyone in check to ensure the team is doing its best and delivering results.

How to communicate as a C-type

For those who’ve been identified as a C-type by Satori Consulting inc. using the EverythingDiSC® assessment tools you might be wondering what this means for those who fit into other categories. While you value truth and quality work, others might misinterpret your intentions. This is why it’s not only important to identify your strengths when it comes to workplace communication, but to also recognize the gaps in your behavioural style.

Team building can be tough for C-types because you tend to fear criticism. It’s not that you think you’re perfect, it’s that you hate being wrong, so it’s difficult to accept it when getting called out. Learning to take constructive criticism is a big part of improving how you communicate with your colleagues.

You also dislike working in a disorganized and carelessly run team. You admire leadership and can be very critical of others and yourself. But instead of working to improve conditions, you tend to isolate yourself. Remember that things won’t change in your team if you remove yourself from the equation. You matter and you cannot express your opinions and ideas if you’re out on your own. Try to catch yourself in these moments where you’re being anti-social and hyper-vigilant when it comes to the quality and accuracy of your work. You might be missing out on important points of view because you’re in your own world too much.

The bottom line is that as a C-type, you need to become more aware of others and their feelings. While lots of work is data-driven, and for that you are an asset, you have to sometimes look beyond the numbers and be open to different styles of problem solving.

Communication is key

For all the DiSC behavioural types to improve inter-office communication, everyone needs to learn more about their colleagues as people and professionals. This is the value of team building. We know that D-types  thrive in leadership roles and like to get things done. I-types are great collaborators and cheerleaders. S-types are supportive and dependable. All of these combined with C-types’ diligence when it comes to truth and accuracy, makes a pretty great team. Of course, each team will have a different mix of these four types, so you have to discover a dynamic that works specifically for your situation.

Even if you’re still working remotely, Satori Consulting inc. can host team building events for your workplace. We offer virtual workshops and coaching sessions to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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