Executive Coaching

We have engaged Sandi to provide coaching to three of our senior managers over the past five years with excellent results. Sandi has the unique ability to both support and challenge individuals to become more effective leaders and more impactful mangers in their work environments but she also is able to take into account their personal and familial lives. I could not recommend Sandi any higher as she has demonstrated with all three individuals, from our organization, that she is able to recognize strengths, differences, and areas of development that each person had and assisted them in developing themselves as more effective leaders.

Team Building

I would like to personally thank Satori Consulting inc. for the great team building experience that they created/delivered. We had recently been through some significant staffing changes, using their knowledge and expertise Satori turned 28 individuals into an amazing team in one day. The exercises made us think about achieving an end result as a team. They accelerated a sense of team throughout our entire credit union. The effort taken to ensure relevance to our requirements ensured the optimum outcome. Thanks again for making our event such an energized, dynamic and fun session. We would definitely recommend Satori Consulting inc. to others and will be using your services again.

Aldergrove Credit Union

Strategic Planning

Working with Satori Consulting and Sandi Verrecchia was very enjoyable and enabled us to recognize those things we do right as an organization and encouraged us to continue to explore new possibilities. She structured our planning session based on team building, having fun and thinking outside the box. Her approach really encouraged our board and senior management team to look at things from different perspectives by being creative and allowing everyone to come to a collective focus and move forward. We would highly recommend Satori to our peers.

PACE Credit Union

Member Effort Survey

High Performance Team and Coaching

Sandi was an exceptional coach for our team. Her wisdom, advice, insight, and guidance enabled us to overcome our internal challenges and evolve into a truly high-performance team. I appreciated her courage and professionalism, as she facilitated tough conversations and helped us address potential issues early. Personally, I learned a great deal about effective leadership and team dynamics through our engagement with Sandi. I’ve reflected often on her work with us and know that our success is due in part to her efforts. I would highly recommend Sandi as a coach to leaders, teams and professionals desiring advancement to the next level of performance.
Shawn L. Good, Queen’s Executive MBA Program, (Current CEO Prospera Credit Union), Abbotsford, BC

North Peace Savings and Credit Union

Board Planning and Analytics

Expert, professional, innovative; these are just a few words to describe Sandi. I have had the pleasure of working with Sandi as a colleague on the Board of MACU and have hired her as a strategic partner for our credit union. She has led both executive and board strategy sessions, participated on our rebranding development and is an ongoing strategic partner for our marketing and sales teams. Through her efforts we are adding value to our members through growing our ‘share of wallet’. It is a privilege to have Sandi as a strategic partner.
Paul McAfee, Vice President, Service, North Peace Savings and Credit Union, Fort St. John, BC

Board Planning

The planning session facilitated by Satori Consulting and Doug’s Unlimited was challenging and insightful. I appreciated the many questions that made us think including the “where’s the money” question. The bias to undertaking actions in the first 30 days on our “intense priority” items was refreshing and we appreciate the momentum that we have gained.
Don McEvoy, President & General Manager, Wabisa Mutual Insurance Company, Jarvis, ON

Luminus Financial


Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Sandi has the propensity to create a space where everyone feels comfortable to express their opinions yet keep them on point and focused on the overall agenda and goals for meeting. We had one day to create a strategic vision to address membership and at the end of the day we had manageable immediate tasks to complete that will make a dramatic impact on our vision and mission for membership. With Sandi’s expertise we also created long term strategies that will continue to feed the pipe of innovation and keep our membership growing.


The success of Squamish Savings Strategic Retreat last year was due in no small part to Sandi Verrecchia’s skill as a Facilitator. From content, to the provision of speakers and in the end, to the results achieved, the unanimous conclusion of the participants was that this was the best retreat that Squamish Savings had ever held. She worked well with both management and the Board to get all the issues on the table, keep the group together and concluded with some meaningful next steps for the Organization to move forward with. At every step of the way it was a professional, well thought out approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandi Verrecchia in particular and her organization in general for similar sessions.
Ian Cornish, VP Partnership Development, Vancity, Vancouver, BC

Coastal Community Credit Union

The core objective for the National Young Leaders Committee (“NYLC”) in the Fall of 2013 was the development of a new strategic plan. Several dynamics were at play within our committee at that time, which factored in to the successful achievement of this objective. With twenty committee members representing Credit Unions from across Canada, we function in a geographically dispersed environment, and outside of in-person meetings twice per year, our work as a team is conducted in a virtual environment. Given these factors, it was critical that we walked away from the session with a strong sense of team, ensuring that each member of the committee not only understood and bought in to the Vision for the committee, but also had a clear understanding of what actions we needed to take to achieve that Vision. Sandi’s facilitation of our Fall 2013 planning session enabled the committee to build the foundation that we need to achieve our goals and initiatives over the next two years. With her guidance and assistance, we began by building a strong sense of team and camaraderie; we then used that foundation as the spring board to develop the initiatives and associated action plans that will ensure we continue to make a lasting impact in today’s Canadian Credit Union system.
Ericka Hewitt, Senior Manager, Corporate Planning, Coastal Community Credit Union, Nanaimo, BC

Luminus Financial

Culture Change

StarFish Learning

Executive Coaching

Sandi Verrecchia has been a valued associate of StarFish Learning for several years. Her expertise in coaching and her ability to work with teams has been of significant benefit to our clients. Sandi has provided development coaching for all levels of managers from vice presidents to front-line managers, and without exception, she has been well received. Recently, I was working at a client organization where Sandi had conducted one-to-one feedback sessions with individuals who were receiving 360 assessment results. Two of the individuals she had coached made a point of seeking me out to share how positive their experience with Sandi was, and how much they felt they had benefited from her insights and expertise in coaching. One of the managers told me, “I never thought a two-hour conversation could change my life, but this one did!” High praise and typical of the feedback we receive about Sandi!

Lakeland Credit Union

Leadership Development

We greatly appreciated Sandi’s approach in helping us develop and launch a leadership development initiative within our organization. She was proactive in seeking to understand our current situation and defining our expectations before customizing a program to meet our requirements. The experience level within our team varied greatly and Sandi was able to create a 2-day offsite that was relevant and meaningful for everyone. Despite varying levels of initial comfort, every member of our team had positive feedback from their experience. She was able to put people at ease; create an environment for constructive and open dialogue and help us develop a framework for improved communication and decision making within our diverse group. We are about to embark on the second phase of the program with individual coaching segments, and as a testament to Sandi’s keen ability to foster rapport and trust, all participants are eager to engage with her further.

Frontline Credit Union

Sales and Service

We pride ourselves on exceptional member service and, like many credit unions, are looking to leverage our relationships by equipping our staff with the tools needed to be more proactive to deepen member relationships and share of wallet. We realize that change can be difficult so we teamed up with Satori to really understand what might be holding the organization back and, to help implement the necessary changes in our processes and our culture to gain maximum staff buy-in. Our focus will be understanding obstacles and team development first; sales process and change second.

G&F Financial Group

Analytics and Segmentation

It was a simple decision to work with Satori and Lodestar as both companies have in-depth knowledge of the credit union system, compliment each other’s service offering, and share the same customer service values. Satori’s segmentation solution, which focuses on Member Engagement and Next Best Product methodology, was the perfect compliment to the data already housed within our BI system. We are now able to use analytics to further our growth strategy and we have the in-house tools to measure our success.
Chris Goodman, VP Technology, G&F Financial Group, Burnaby, BC

Synergy Credit Union

Facilitation and Board Planning

Sandi’s expertise as a professional facilitator was quickly evident during our recent planning session. She has the intuitiveness to balance engagement of a large and diverse group of individuals, never leading the group, but encouraging and permitting discussions to conclude without ending prematurely. Our group valued her ability to allow them to gain tangible clarity of the challenges we face and the steps we need to take to proactively address them. Many positive feedback comments were received with one individual stating “This was the best planning session I have ever attended”. What more of an endorsement can we pay to Sandi?

Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union

Analytics and Market Share

We are focused on growth through broadening member relationships and increasing market share and it was clear to us that Satori was the right partner to make this happen. Satori’s segmentation solution, which focuses on Member Engagement and Next Best Product methodology, coupled with their deep understanding of the Credit Union market and sales strategies will support our vision and our commitment to delivering a best-in-class service experience.
Julie Langham, VP Sales and Service, Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union, Salmon Arm, BC

North Peace Savings and Credit Union


Sandi brought a highly relevant depth and breadth of experience to our Board Planning Session. Her facilitation enabled our Board to quickly and of their own accord determine strategic goals and commitments.

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