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5 Tips to Effective Boards and Board Governance

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

Good Board Governance practices are not a one-size fits all proposition. Organizations must design and implement governance practices tha […]

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How to Comply with the CASL Legislation

By: Richard Toker,

The new CASL Legislation went into effect July 2014; are you ready? This anti-spam legislation is changing the way everyone does their email m […]

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How to move from Strategy to Action and Keep Moving

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

It is that time of year where businesses begin the yearly trek to plan the annual strategic planning session. Who will attend? Who will f […]

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4 Steps to Creating a Risk Culture

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

The Canadian dollar continues to decline. The Bank of Canada is deciding on whether or not to further reduce interest rates. Borrowing is […]

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Do You Have High Employee Turnover? Do you know WHY?

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

Simon Sinek has been quoted as saying “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” For example, people don’t join a Chamber of […]

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Anchoring Change: Create Accountability and Steer Clear of the ‘New and Shiny’ Syndrome

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

It’s a new year and everyone I speak to is busy making New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions for the most part are personal and focused […]

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Increasing customer experience through journey mapping

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

As a Business Therapist, I recognize that there is a strong correlation between business success and customer satisfaction. I also have l […]

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