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The DARe Approach to Customer Growth

Deepen, Attract and Retain – efficiently

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

To effectively grow a business an equal amount of time needs to be focused on t […]

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2 ways to alleviate stress within the work force

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

Who knew it would be this simple?

As a business professional and current CEO of my company I have learned well over the years t […]

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2 Leadership Qualities That Will Drive Your Organization Forward

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

What leadership qualities make the real difference in an organization? The answer comes from those who have made an influence in your […]

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Workplace Bullying is on the rise: 5 Tips for Organizations

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

Close your eyes and picture a situation that involves a bully. If you are like most, the typical scenario that you see is that of a l […]

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Leveraging Data Through Segmentation to Maximize Growth

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

A critical part of any growth strategy is having data to support the strategy. Satori Consulting inc. is able to help clients understan […]

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4 Critical Communicational Tips To Avoid Organizational Conflict

By: Sandi Verrecchia @satoriinsight

The Truth May Hurt, but it should NEVER be a Surprise. Did you know a trip to the water cooler can be very insightful?


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